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Counselor’s Corner

2015-16 Theme 

We’ll Keep Getting Stronger

Horizon Elementary

2015-16 School Theme


We are excited about our theme for this year “We’ll Keep Getting Stronger.” Our focus will be on building stronger minds, stronger bodies and stronger character.  Our goal is that  all of our students and staff will have their best year ever in stretching themselves to become stronger.  * We also invite all of our parents and school community to become involved to setting some  goals and discussing  with your children, how you too plan to become a stronger person this year.


Our school motto  is, “I am a Horizon Hero – Respectful, Responsible, Resilient.” Reciting our motto is part of our morning routine here at Horizon. We want to give our students a strong foundation in these skills because we believe these skills will help them in reaching their full potential.


Along with teaching our foundational skills of respect, responsibility and resilience, we will start our Character Education Program this year focusing on the mind and understanding how our brains work and how to learn at your highest level. These lessons are titled:   “Growing Your Mind – Understanding Our Growing Brain”  & “The Power of Growth Mindset.” We will also be exploring college and career readiness with our students.


We are certainly looking forward to one of our STRONGEST years ever here at Horizon!!! Thanks for all you do to support us!





"Building Healthy, Happy Kids"