1970 South Arabian Way
Washington, UT 84780
T: 435-652-4781
F: 435.652-4784
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Lunch Information

Lunch Schedule (Subject to change due to Covid-19)

11:30-12:05 First
11:45-12:20 Second
12:00-12:35 Fourth
12:15-12:50 Third
12:30-1:05 Fifth


Adults: Breakfast $2.00         Lunch $4.00

Students Full Pay: Breakfast $1.75        Lunch $2.25

Students Reduced: Breakfast $0.30     Lunch $0.40

Students Full Pay/Reduced/Free Milk Only: $0.50           


February 2021 K 5 MenuMarch 2021 K 5 Menu

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2020-2021 Meal Prices By Month

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